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Summoning The Real Bloody Mary On Halloween

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Few people know the true origins of the Bloody Mary mythos

By: Rebecca Brando, October 19, 2019

The Bloody Mary legend has been a widespread popular American myth, common amongst young children and teenagers since the early 1900s. The “ritual” usually takes place in bathrooms of school yards and suburban homes. The larger the mirror and darker the room, the better with this game. The rules are that a group of kids go into the bathroom and stare into the mirror with the lights off, and chant Bloody Mary thirteen times. The person chanting is also supposed to spin around at a medium rate for 13 repetitions while taking a glimpse in the mirror each time. On the 13th turn, a woman will appear and scratch your face off. Chances are you’ll probably feel like throwing up.

Sounds fun, right? Should you want to summon Bloody Mary aka the Mirror Witch, here are a few different options for who you’d be meeting in that mirror according to legend.

Version #1 Mary Queen I Of England

Queen Mary I of England, burned nearly 300 Protestants at the stake in her attempts to re-establish Catholicism as the religion of England. Many believe that Mary I Queen of England is the true Bloody Mary because of her gruesome history, filled with bloodshed and murder. Other surrounding myths of Mary I of England were that she feared losing her beauty, so she bathed in the blood of slaughtered virgins to preserve her youth.

Version #2 Mary Worth - Supernatural Witch

There is little evidence to confirm Mary Worth’s existence. In fact, we have changed her long and bloody story throughout the years. A few variations of Mary Worth are that she was a beautiful woman who died tragically in a car accident. Her face became disfigured and bloodied. When she is summoned, she appears to the conjurer dressed in all white, with blood dripping down her face. Another theory is that Mary was a witch who lived in the forest, selling local remedies or snake oils to townsfolk. When young girls in the village mysteriously disappeared, they blamed Mary Worth the witch. The more girls that disappeared, the younger Mary Worth appeared to be. Mary Worth is a strong contender for Bloody Mary.

Version #3 The Blackout Bloody Mary by Bloody Gerry

While we may fabricate folklore, the recipe is real. The Bloody Mary cocktail originated in Paris, France at Harry’s New York Bar in the 1920’s. Bartender, Fernand “Pete” Petiot first began experimenting with the cocktail in 1921 when he mixed hard liquor vodka with tomato juice. The drink has had many variants throughout the years, most notably; the Red Snapper, the Virgin Mary, and the Michelada.

Annex Magazine’s favorite Bloody Mary is the Blackout Bloody Mary by Bloody Gerry. Bloody Gerry, is a Los Angeles based beverage brand, well known for their award-winning premium and organic (non-alcoholic) Bloody Mary mix. This recipe is to die for this Halloween!


Rim your glass with lime & salt

Drizzle your bloody spicy Tapatio on the rim

Fill glass 3/4 with ice

Add celery stick

Add a few cubes of ice to the shaker and shake for a few seconds.

Pour Blackout Bloody Gerry Mix into the glass.

Add Lemon & Lime slices and drizzle more bloody spicy Tapatio across those too. The more blood the better!

Using toothpicks cross hatched between the body of the spider deviled egg rest it on top of the lemon and lime slices and use additional toothpicks for support from the celery stalk under the poison spider deviled eggs.

To purchase Blood Gerry visit: https://www.bloodygerry.com

Make sure to leave us a comment below if you try the recipe!

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