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Instagram Rolls Out Dark Mode + More Updates

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

By: Diamond Brown, October 11, 2019

Instagram has introduced the power saving "dark mode.” The new feature is now available under the iOS 13 update and on Android 10.

The new dark mode turns the background screen black with white text on your profile, feed, and explore page. Users need to update the app to the latest version of Instagram installed on their phones to utilize the feature.

To activate dark mode for iOS 13, users go to their settings and choose to change the display and brightness appearance to dark. For Android 10 users; Go to Settings, then Display, then Advanced; From there select Dark theme on the menu.

Instagram Like Ban:

In an attempt to make Instagram an environment with less pressure for users, developers have been testing out “like bans” in several countries. Canada was the first country where hidden likes was tested by Instagram, with Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia recently added to the list. The like ban testing has not reached United States users, yet that it is. The idea is that users won’t see how many likes other Instagram users have gotten on their photos and videos has Influencers around the world worried.

Users will be able to see who liked the content but no number count will be available. A problem for small businesses and influencers who use like and engagement numbers to drive business. With like ban testing, the only person that can see the like number count is the account owner, but only if they ask, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said at the F8 conference earlier this year.

Comment and Nudge Feature:

Instagram has applied updates to comment filters and the introduction of nudges which raises awareness on aggressive or mean comments by asking “are you sure you want to post this?”before the comment actually post.

Away Mode:

With over 1 billion users, the company continues to work towards creating a safe space for users. The “Away Mode” is set for users that may be going through personal issues or just need a break from social media. Away mode allows the account to be put on hold and the user can re-activate or return when they feel ready instead of deactivating or deleting the account.

Donate and Shop Sticker:

Donation stickers and shopping features launched in the U.S. in early April of this year. With the donation sticker users will be able to raise money for organizations of their choice. There is also a shopping tab on instagram’s explore page. This feature allows people to click on the tag and shop for items directly through the app.

Create Mode:

Lastly, developers have created a redesign of the Instagram camera with features a “create” mode. The mode allows users to engage with their followers by using gifs, count down timer, quizzes, and an “on this day” throwback tab.

Instagram is constantly updating their app to keep the audience engaged and promote a safe space. This is the latest.

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