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Artist Sara Shakeel Blings Out Emirates Boeing A380

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

By Rebecca Brando, September 30, 2019

Emirates Airline teased fans with another fake blinged out image of its A380 Boeing aircraft by digital artist, Sara Shakeel.

Emirates ‘Diamond’ A380 Onboard Lounge by Sara Shakeel

Last year, the crystal artist collaborated with Emirates by altering a photo of their Boeing 777 with a diamond encrusting plane body. The stunning aircraft image stirred up a social media storm. This time Shakeel gave a glimpse of what the inside of an Emirates’ Luxury A380 lounge would look like covered in diamonds.

Last Year's Photo by Sara Shakeel of Emirates Diamond Encrusted Boeing 777 Plane

Emirates shared the latest glittered photo to its official Twitter page on September 17th, 2019. The photo caption read, “We know you liked our Bling 777, so here’s the Emirates ‘Diamond’ A380 Onboard Lounge. #FlyEmiratesFlyBetter” and once again, the photo quickly went viral. According to Emirates, an expert at Swarovski said it would take 500,000 crystals and nearly a month of work to make Shakeel’s image come true.

Sara Shakeel, is a dentist-turned-artist from Pakistan with over 800K followers on Instagram. Her signature style is superimposing crystals and diamonds onto photos. Her subjects range from singer Rihanna to model Kendall Jenner, to photos of animals, fast food, and international tourist attractions.

Although the photos are fake renderings, Emirates doesn’t need a pseudo nightclub onboard. The carrier is already recognised for bringing world-class luxury to elite travelers from all over the world. Their first class suites are privately enclosed with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and leather reclining chairs designed by NASA and Mercedes-Benz, featuring a “zero-gravity” position to reduce body pressure and create a feeling of weightlessness.

Photo Courtesy of Emirates Airlines

Each passenger has up to 40 square feet of personal space and a variety of smart technologies at their fingertips along with a minibar. The Dubai-based carrier has the largest order for Boeing’s newest A380 wide-body aircraft, however production has slowed due to issues with the plane’s engines.

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